Friday, February 24, 2012

World Class Philippine-made Products

This title or tag consequently was earned out of hard work as the man behind the brands Aficionado Germany Perfume, Joel Cruz Signatures and the apparel division Aficionado Your Fashion and Scents Store. Simultaneously, the company is celebrating its 10th year in the business the month of September for having established a niche as the top brand of Philippine- made “glocal” perfume, EDT, cologne and as one of the leading manufacturers of personal care products in the country. Glocal is a coined word from Global-Local which is what the brands stand for, proudly Filipino crafted products using imported ingredients and raw materials from Germany, France, Spain, New York and China . Indeed, quality products that are world class for local and global distribution.
The company employs more than a thousand employees to provide the manpower required by the demands from manufacturing to sales operations. This is part of the corporate mission to generate jobs and contribute to the country’s growing economy. Having ventured into franchising, direct dealership and distributorship five years paved the way to various ventures forging business partnerships that contributed to the tremendous growth of the company. Moreover, this is Joel’s way of sharing the success as a corporate unit in the society and is a responsibility he is committed to.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Joel Cruz of Aficionado Germany Perfume and Joel Cruz Signatures is Awarded “Ambassador for Life”

Joel Cruz is the President and CEO of Central Affirmative Co. Inc. (CACI). As an entrepreneur, Joel celebrates life to the fullest keeping a balance between corporate duties, socio- economic responsibility and ensuring a healthy beautiful lifestyle. He even finds time to network on Facebook and has also been tagged as “The Lord of Scents”.



  • To develop quality products for global distribution at the right cost and at the right time.
  • To satisfy our stakeholders (stockholders, franchisees and investors) with good profit.
  • To provide our employees with humane working conditions and security for their personal and professional growth.
  • To be socially responsible to our community especially to those who belong to the marginalized segment of our society.


  • We will be globally known as the leading manufacturer and distributor of perfume and personal care products.

Core Values of the Company:

  • Excellence and Quality
  • Accomplishment
  • Dedication, Commitment and Loyalty
  • Respect and Honesty
  • Teamwork

Type of Business:

  • Manufacturing and Retail


Scent Overview:

The All-time Best Selling f-Scent Range:Perfect choices for male and female, tweens, teens, young adults, adults and working professionals. The Aficionado f-scents range is available in 69 scents for men, women and unisex.
Packaged in bottles of 85ml, 60ml, 25ml and 10 ml priced that fits everybody’s budget. SIZES with PRICES that fit your BUDGET!

Joel S. Cruz or “Joel” to his family and friends is the sixth among the seven children of Mr. & Mrs. Dionisio Cruz. Having spent all his schooling at the University of Santo Tomas from elementary to college and honored with Loyalty Awards, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Santo Tomas. Driven by his passion to pursue creative undertakings and business skills, he became an entrepreneur instead of becoming a doctor. Joel found it equally fulfilling, if not even more.
With his passion for fashion, Joel ventured into importing apparel from Hongkong and Bangkok in 1986. In 1987, he established Joel Cruz Enterprises Inc. (apparel), manufacturing and selling apparel to leading department stores in Metro Manila. In 1997, with the glut of apparel goods from China and Thailand, the company saw the opportunity to switch to the perfume business. In 1999, Joel engaged in another business venture establishing Joel Cruz Enterprise-perfumery. This was the beginning of big things to come. Retailing is just the start of everything.
On September 5, 2000, Central Affirmative Co. Inc. was born on the process of acquiring license to distribute the perfume brand “Affirmative” or popularly known as “AF”. In 2001. The company laboratory was officially registered by the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD now FDA) and established as a manufacturer and distributor of Aficionado Germany Perfume brand. In 2002, Aficionado Boutiques were opened nationwide to reinvigorate the former apparel business. In 2006, the company operated a 2,000 sq m plant in Sterling Industrial Park, located in Meycauayan, Bulacan.
After 5 years in business, the Aficionado brand was opened for franchising opportunities and this catapulted the company to new heights. The Direct Dealership, Domestic and International Distributorship, Tolling, Contract Manufacturing and Personalizing services were established as corporate units and further spurred growth for the company. The company supplies products to major supermarkets, drugstores and convenience stores nationwide.
On June 22, 2007, the company opened Signatures by Joel Cruz Inc. with the brand Joel Cruz Signatures engaged in a new line of perfume and personal care products to scented home products.
The company has spawned into a family of brands: Aficionado Germany Perfume as the leading Philippine made perfume in the market. The brand Joel Cruz Signatures offering personal care products and beyond. On March 2010, the apparel business was rebranded to Aficionado-Your Fashion and Scents Store and registered with the IPO in September of the same year.
The company acquiring new technology in manufacturing and implementing systems upgrade like SAP (ERP) and an integrated supply chain is geared towards the year 2020 as a small-medium sized company to achieving bigger success and growth.
CACI has gone global having distribution centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE; Saudi Arabia, Iran, Japan, Ireland, Denmark, Los Angeles, Saipan and continues to expand business in the Asian region in other ASEAN member countries. CACI is posed to expand its business in the Philippines and globally. It is geared towards achieving international standards with manufacturing processes towards producing the highest quality personal care products to offer to consumers.
CACI has earned several recognitions by major award giving bodies such as the Asian Star Brand Award, The National Shopper’s Choice Award and The Philippines’ Marketing Excellence Award, the Philippine Retailers Association Hall of Fame Award and The 32nd Agora Awards Nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship among others.
It is a clear vision that guides the company to successfully pursue various ventures -“To be known as the leading manufacturer and distributor of perfume, health and beauty products”.